What is GST302

GST302 – BUSINESS CREATION AND GROWTH is an entrepreneurship course meant for all 300 level Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). It is a core course and a two (2) credit unit course.

GST302 has no TMA, Students who have registered for the course are required to write a detailed business plan and submit it online with the school E-learning Portal https://elearn.nouedu2.net/login. The write up and submission of your business plan replaces your TMA.

After writing and submitting your business plan online, the next step is booking a date for the defence or presentation of your business plan.

The business plan defence or presentation is done in 2 ways

1. The online presentation with Zoom

2. Physical presentation at your study centre

A student is expected to choose one out of the two methods of defence

What is the marking strategy for GST302?

Business plan Submission and presentation = 60 marks

Exam = 40 marks

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