*Registration of Courses, Exams and Projects for 2021/2 is on!* 

*When is registration of course and exam closing?*

Ans: Thursday *30th* of September (Except it's extended - no assurance at all as regards that)

🚩 *_When is TMA 1 starting?_*
Ans: Friday *1st* October 
Booking of slots for TMA1-3 *30/30* submission is 100% sure with us ongoing at the moment at discounted price.

 *✅*How long will TMA last?*

TMA1 - *1st* October to *10th* October
TMA2 - *11th* to *24th* October 
TMA3 - *25th* Oct to *7th* November. 
With few days each most students will miss their TMAs. Book your slots today, at a discounted price.

✅ *_Has GST302 - Business Plan submission started?*

No. There are no assured memo as to which SDG goals are to be focused on for each zone. It may be same as last semester or not. But BOOKING FOR GST302 (Business Plan) WRITING with us (*Goodness Solution* ) is ongoing at an affordable rate

*✅_When is the best time to register project and some 400l 2nd semester non examinable courses?*

The best time is 400l 1st semester.

✅ For Tma booking, Summaries, past questions, Projects, Seminars, IT/Siwes, Business Plans, etc... For anything and everything NOUN (services needed), call 09094634823 

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