Those of you who are almost due for graduation especially 2017, 2018 set of matric number. Remember that some new courses were introduced in the year 2017, some GST and departmental courses. You are expected to register them, sit for the exams and pass the courses before you can graduate with the old set of students in 2021.

Every university do not just run programmes, courses are actually reviewed by NUC every 4 years or more, for accreditation. So, in the process, some old courses are removed, New courses are introduced.

Check your matric number and all your courses from 100 level to 400 level to be sure you have done all the newly introduced courses, not just GSTs.

We see some final year students waiting for their graduation list when they still have some newly introduced courses left undone.  If you do not do it this semester, your own graduation may be till 2022, after you must have realized why your name  was not listed in the Graduation list.

Some students did not graduate last year, due to omitted and newly introduced courses. And they are still yet to do anything about those courses, they are  hoping for a miracle on the Graduation list.
We wish all best of luck.

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  1. Are those additional courses asoa mandatory on 2017 downward (2016,15,14)?????