✅ Registration for 2021_1 semester for NEW and RETURNING students is very much on, Closes April 20th. You can DM admins for any assistance.

✅ If you have any trouble logging in despite i) registering on the portal first and ii) requesting for new password, all to no avail, then simply send a detailed mail to [email protected]

✅ Most non examinable courses such as practicals, seminars, IT/SIWES, tours, TPs and Project topics are presently ongoing in various centres as regards topic approval and submissions. Regardless of whether you have registered for 2021_1 or not, if you know you'll be registering any of these courses this semester, simply GO TO YOUR CENTRE and ask your colleagues updates in order not to miss out. Failure to do that this week might mean failure of the course and if you're in your final semester and you still miss this, be ready to settle for a big CGPA drop as your total CGPA is going to be divided by more than 8. _How many you kon get before sef?_
We all can make excuses or we make results, but never both.

✅ Course material collection ongoing in some centres. Some others starts next week. Confirm when your centre will start theirs.

✅ TMA - Tutor Marked Assessment (or simply say Test) - a total of 30marks for most courses, to begin April 30th. 1mark can be the difference between A and B and surely between B and C. Don't toil with your TMA 30marks.
*_You can book for assistance slot ahead at a heavy DISCOUNTED price. 30/30 guaranteed_*

✅ Dropping of wrongly registered courses ongoing. You can DM admins if you need help.

✅ You can send mail to [email protected] if you have complaints on your result.

✅ Need Summaries, Course materials, Past Questions, help on Business Plan writing (GST302), report/IT writing, Seminars, Projects, TPs, Theses etc. We're just a DM away.

Got questions? Kindly ask.

```For everything and anything NOUN, DM admins or call. Or simply refer us.```

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