Note To 300L Second Semester Students



GST 302 replaced GST 301. *It doesn't have TMA like other courses do.* No shortcuts...⚠️

(1) You're required to prepare a standard business plan on any business you can manage and submit at

(2) You're required to explain your understanding of the business you've written about - *presentation*

(3) You're required to write examination for GST 302.

*Note:* _if you fail to do any of the above, then get ready to repeat it next semester._

Put yourself together and do what others are doing to succeed and most importantly to graduate. 

Hold your heart and remember that the person who will ask you questions can only score you 10 even if you couldn't explain anything during presentation...your presence is needed.

Don't be afraid.

Another way to kill fear is to login during presentation periods and see how others are making their presentation. It'd make see that it's simple, in fact you'd want to do yours immediately.

Don't be afraid of presentation nor exams.

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