Guideline for fresher's on upcoming E-xam.


1. Be observant:

Entering the examination be observant check your keyboard and mouse whether is in a good condition.

2. Calmness:

Don't rush in to login, don't be too hurry relax your brain before attempting the questions.

3. Time duration:

E- exam you will be giving at least 1hour 30 minutes to answer all your questions.

4. Avoid Sluggishness:

Attempt the questions you know first don't delay your time  on a question don't delay yourself so that your time will not against you.

5.  Notation of spellings e.g courses chm 103, bio 103 etc:

This is where most students do fail, the answer that you know and you don't know the spellings correctly call your partner beside you in a polite way so that will not implicate your friend that wanted to assist you.

6.  Cross check your answers:

Cross-check when you are done maybe you don't omit any questions and spellings.

7. Note the units of your courses either 3 units or 2 units:

3units grades will be multiply by 5,4,3,2,1 based on what you score in tma ,exam in total will be multiplied with the following numbers above and peculiar to 2 unit as well.

This upcoming exam for the physical candidates be an independent learner and dont wait for someone you are going to queue with so that you can cheat,don't go to the exam hall empty brainless you will just be molested in the exam and sent away. This is the right time to read. Make hay while the sun shine.Make yourself available for success.

All the best

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