NOUN Masters/PGD Programmes


Found below is a list of available Masters and PGD programmes

PGD. Agricultural Extension Management

PGD. Christian Religious Studies

M.A. Christian Religious Studies

M.ED. Educational technology

M.ED. Science Education

PGD. Education

M.ED. Administration and Planning

M.ED. Guidance and Counselling

PGD. Business Administration

PGD. Public Administration

Masters in Business Administration

Masters in Public Administration

M.Sc. Business Administration

M.Sc. Public Administration

PGD. Information Technology

M.Sc. Information Technology

PGD. Mass Communication

M.Sc. Mass Communication

PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

PGD. Criminology and Security Studies
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*Available PhD Programmes*

(1) PhD Christian Theology

(2) PhD Educational Administration

(3) PhD Educational Technology

(4) PhD Science Education

(5) PhD Educational Planning

(6) PhD Mathematics Education

(7) PhD Business Administration

(8) PhD Public Administration

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