Today 24th February 2021, As promised. The CONS National President  met with the School Registrar Dr Felix Edoka LSC Representative, by name;  Mrs Ndong and the LSC Director (Dr T.I Akujobi). In a closed door meeting on the issue of Miss FATIMAH's Death and 8am paper Amendment.

The meeting lasted for about 3 hrs earlier today. 

The LSC Director Dr Akujobi appreciated the effort of the students on the death issue. And she confirmed that management is already working out memo on the issue as the VC has already requested her to send an official mail. 

Mrs Ndong On behalf of the registrar promised that the office of the registrar will surely send out condolence letter to the family of the deceased. 

On the issue of 8am paper Amendment.

The LSC Director - Dr Akujobi started by saying students should not use the death issue as a leverage to become unserious . 

She buttressed further that; Lagos traffic is understandable and inevitable reason and this is why she personally asked exams invigilators to always give 30 minutes grace to every students. 

If traffic held 8am students then what is holding 11am and 2pm students if not the expo they are waiting for - she added. 

She Analyzed how students will picked time for her during the time she was lecturing at McCarthy SC, yet she will be in class waiting and the students will be coming late while some will not show up at all. 

She said N.O.U.N is recognized globally but the reaction some students adopt in learning at National Open University is what caused the stigmatization from other schools. 

She concluded by saying students doesn't need to protest on anything. That her door is always open to every students for discussion and engagement. While she promised that the 8am amendment will be looked into by the VC. 

The Registrar therefore urge students to Character building and always remember that protocol is in every organization, so,  every students should put in due diligence to abide for the growth of their career. 

She also stated that the flexibility of N.O.U.N is not to devalue the standard. Therefore every students should sit up for a better future. 

The registrar added that the N.O.U. N Nursing department from health science faculty has created a standard for all the Bsc. Nursing by removing D & E  from there grading.. You rather score A, B, C or F. 

Mrs Ndong said this is not to wicked students offering the course but to give more value to them at the labour market as that is the standard issued by the ministry of health and perhaps NUC. 

She concluded by giving hands of assurance to every NOUN students who are ready to put in adequate effort to earn academic excellence that she guarantee them that they will be unstoppable at the top.

She said and I quote

  "Excellence is not given but Earned"

The CONS National President appreciated the duo and he wrapped up the meeting by stating that the students look forward to the amendment order as promised by the management.. ...  !


CONS National President (Dgreatprof

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