GST 102 TMA3 9/10


The transcribed word /ʧænsiz/ is lexically written as 

Ans: chances 

Even though I was invited to the party, I refused to attend because I am not in good terms with the organiser’ is functionally regarded as___ the classification of sentences.

Ans: statement

Polar Questions are also called __

Ans: Yes or no

Seminar sessions are usually chaired or moderated by an expert already distinguished in the........

Ans: Field 

When a question and answer session follows a seminar paper presentation, the purpose is to start a____on the topic presented.

Ans: Discussion 

According to David during his interview, speaking from his job experience as a sales personnel, the first thing that is most effective in the promotion of sales by a company is .......

Ans: Good advertising 

In your understanding of English, the statement ‘There won’t be much scope of additional private earnings’ would seem like a kind of  _ Olaofe by the interviewer


Looking at page 159 of your CM, David’s appearance is said to be  _ and_

Ans: neat, proper

Seminar papers usually start with an __and end with a _.

Ans : Introduction,  conclusion 

This word ‘collocation’ has __ syllables. 

Ans: Four

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