NOUN 2020_1st semester VIRTUAL EXAM (application and timetable)



According to the directive of DEA, undergraduates (100 – 400 level) and postgraduate students are required to select one type or mode of examination which are: 

1. Virtual examination Virtual examination implies that the student can write the exam at his or her convenience either at home, work, etc This is an online examination and it is optional meaning you can choose to either do your examination at home or at the centre. Then you will select the number of courses you want to do and where you want it done. For instance, I am offering 7 courses this semester, I can decide to do the first three (3) exams online – virtual examination and do the remaining 4 at NITEL (provided the place will be used).

2. Physical examination Physical examination is a normal examination usually written at the centre specified by your study centre management. 

For instance, Mushin and some other study centres normally use NITEL at Oshodi (Cappa) for this purpose. In other to enroll for any of the two types of exams, you must have filled and submitted a form of which a confirmatory email containing your information would be sent to your mailbox. It is worth noting that once a student has picked ”virtual examination” for instance, he or she won’t be able to write the examination at the study centre (physically) using a pen, pencil, and answer booklet.

Below is the instructional video on how to register for the virtual examination. Make sure you use a valid email that you have access to or you could register a new email if you cannot log in to your old email. It would take you about 10 minutes to register via


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