please don't be too regretful of online exam, the questions that will be coming out from the online exam are not going to be tough, hardy & rugged questions you think. I can said there will be changing of the questions that will be set for those students who would sit for physical examination at the study centre.
NOUN that we know from initial stage they don't set questions that students will just answer immediately and proceed for the next questions withing some seconds. Both e-exam and POP exam questions they no be here, everybody knows that.
The university standard is beyond students expectations, students expecting the university should be setting easy questions both for TMA and exams which is not going to be possible at all, what do you take NOUN is it polytechnic or College of education.

*NOUN* has advanced technologically and NOUN will keep on advancing technologically every time as the world is going NOUN will keep bringing new new things. I want everybody should believe with my statement that in terms going NOUN will one day start begin setting e-test for students through the study centres which will serve as continue assessment.

More years coming NOUN students will be taking their test at the study centres not more at home again, do quickly and before these methods will meet you.

Think wisely, either virtual exam or physical exam no one will be easy for students. If you run from virtual exam questions, physical exam questions are there. If you want to go for virtual exam make sure you have the locomotives even the management has been saying it when filling out the virtual exam form. If you are not computer literate don't go for online exam where nobody will be guide you.

For those that selected virtual exam, pls during the exam don't call attention of anybody to come and assist you repair the system or asking someone to assist you sit for the exam or telling you the answers proctor is there is there to monitor you when written the exam at your home, or at your office or at your business centre. Don't keep your phone or any paper close to you if not they will charge you for exam malpractice character.

Am repeating this for the second time............
When written the online exam at your home make sure you have all the necessary accessories.
👉standard light
👉standard system or tablet
👉full subscription
👉strong network
👉clear camera, for easy identification
👉strong battery.

*NB:* please if Glo/9mobile network is not strong in your location don't use it for online exam, bcos an very sure some of our students are not hearing words because they don't have MTN/ ZAIN line they will give their self go ahead and use the Glo network that is not strong in their location. You can only use Glo network if it's very strong in your location.

_happy democracy _
_Nou sol_

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