Important Information to ALL Students



Sequel to the two (2) documents tagged: " *DRAFT PROPOSAL ON EXAM ON-DEMAND* ", the University Management wish to inform ALL students to ignore such and to always adhere strictly to information that emanate from their various study centres.

The right channel of communication to Students on academic matters is 'still' through their *Study Centre Directors* and not through unanimous channels/social media or  any groups.

Students are therefore warned of circulating unconfirmed informations received from scammers on social media and ensure they get credible informations not only on examination matter but on all issues relating to their academic pursuits.

Also, the University Management wishes to inform the Students to not regard the *DRAFT Examination Time Table (ETT)* released before the lockdown began on February, 2020 towards the forthcoming examination. The *new ETT* will be circulated as soon as the lockdown is lifted and school activities commences.

Stay safe,
Stay healthy,
Stay calm; and
Be prepared and focused.

Thank you.

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