GST 102 TMA 1 2020

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1.The verbs ''must' and 'have' are used to express an  _______
A. Rejection
B. Obligation     *B*
C. Agreement
D. Refusal

2.Giving examples in writing also add to the readers _____
A. Confusion
B. Obligation
C. Interest *C*
D. Ambiguity

3.The attachment of the curriculum vitae to an application  letter does what to the reader?
A. Tells the reader more about the sender.
B. Tells the reader more about the sender.      *B*
C. Let the reader know more about the temperature of  the sender.
D. Compels the reader to employ the sender.

4.Summarization of a passage entails the ________
A. Condensing and shortening of passage  *A*
B. Elongation of a passage
C. Stretching of a passage
D. Deletion of the synonyms in a passage.

5.Paragraphs developed through mentioning place,  position, direction, shapes and patterns is the _____
A. Elusive paragraph
B. Descriptive paragraph *B*
C. Plosive
D. Inclusive paragraph

6.In describing, select such physical details as will support  the ________ of general appearance you have given in  your first sentence
A. Input
B. Deletion
C. Description    *C*
D.  Demonstration

7.________ is used to express probability
A. Go
B. Dance
C. Might *C*
D. Came

8.________ auxiliaries enable you to express probability
A. Modal *A*
B. Infinite
C. Helping
D. Standard

9.Giving examples is one of the easiest ways of  developing_______
A. A curriculum vitae
B. A topic   *B*
C. A vision
D. An application letter

10.A reply to a letter of complaint is known as an ______
A. Ordering letter
B. Adjustment letter   *B*
C. Forwarding letter
D. Refusal lette

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