CSS 134 TMA 1 2020


1.Nigeria as a country is made up of a federal capital and  ____states

Answer:   36

2.Vegetation characterised by woodland or parkland is  called

Answer:   Savannah

3.Tourism based on wildlife could provide employment for  rural people and bring_____ exchange to the country

Answer: Foreign

4.A country_____ posts are to be patrolled for various  security reasons.

Answer: Border

5.Animals in bushes are also known as.

Answer: Wildlife

6.The ____Savannah is the widest of the vegetation zones  in Nigeria, covering almost half its area.

Answer: Guinea

7.Nigeria is located in _______of Africa

Answer: West

8.The dispute between Nigeria and Cameroon was over _____  Peninsula

Answer: Bakasi

9.Southerly, Nigeria points is near_____in the Niger Delta

Answer: Brass

10.The South _____Trade Winds and the North East Trade  Winds define the nations climate.

Answer: West

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