This is to inform all students that there is going to be a Facilitation and Tutorial platform to be scheduled.
In accordance to this, We, The *CONS* have taken the liberty to schedule a voluntary medium to help educate each other in facilitating aspects. 
Regarding this, we wish to call on students who can take either Core or Elective courses (Voluntarily). Interested and willing volunteers can still chat me up privately. Flyers and Banners concerning the schedule would be posted in a bit. 

Announced by
*Comrade* _Joshua_ _Chekpa_ _Jiya_ 
Minna Study Center *CONS PRO II*
[3/2, 16:16] +234 816 792 0840: Registration has been extended to 31st March 2020..... 

Assignment that suppose to be uploaded to our portal for everyone of us to access it by 9th of march 2020 is not surely...... 

The POP/E-EXAM Time table that was circulated Earlier was draft one they are going to re-arrange some courses to another day. If you having 3 exams daily and is not going to favor you quickly go to the centre and write down a complain or you send a mail to *[email protected]

Remember that in NOUN nothing will take ur time except assignment, when the assignment uploaded to our portal your time will be taken you are to answer each course question one after the other......
You've to stay close to the portal because more than 15000 students will be at online solving their assignment you'll discover that you send question waiting to see ur score before attempting another one the site will either log u out try to exercise patient. 
GST's Assignments will be solved through this portal *
While normal courses assignments will be solved through your students portal **

Thank you?

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