How to verify a real wallet funding (say no to fake wallet funding)


How to know if payments made into your wallet is fake or real
?(step 1) Visit
?(step 2) Click on students, then login wit ur Matric and password
?(step 3) By now, u should be on ur page. Click on e-wallet
?(step 4) Click on view wallet

?(step 5) After the page has been displayed, scroll down, what u see next is all payment into the wallet, your Matric, and full name.
?After that, you see a table with a column name of???
serial number(serno) which signify the number of payment entry into the portal.
order ID WHICH shows ur alphanumeric characters in this form?? nou19653489120675556790o
Remita Retrieval Reference(RRR) this is the payment code generated by the initiator of the transaction
And lastly???
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date and timeamount and audited and narration… The Date and time also play a role in the verification of authentic payment if truly is made by you or its a fake school fee payment.
Now, back to the verification process of if truly a payment was made into the bank via card or bank deposit
For new students, I know y’all weren’t aware the school portal was changed after a new Vice-chancellor was appointed which led to some changes wit the school system and changing the school website wasn’t also an exception…
All payments made into the school portal from a start date of late 2017 have the ORDER I.D of Matric number+date of payment+remita transaction I. D… FOR INSTANCE,

RRR AS 130112061156
SO THE ORDER I.D WILL BE ???? NOU195333555+0206+TRANSACTION I. D FROM THE BANK… The transaction I. D(always a 6digit code and a single alphabet) from the bank shows the authenticity of the payment. Let’s assume the transaction I. D is 165585E
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Then the order I. D will be nou1953335550206165585E

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