*New Students*
1. Your Orientation comes up on 20th March (Please attend the Orientation at your study centres and ask questions based on what you've known about the school so far - anything about NOUN)

2. Your Matriculation would be held on 21st March (Please attend and ask for your faculty handbook and Polo-Shirt/Cap, all should be free that day)

*Graduating Students*
We would miss you but such is life, to stay at the top you have to keep up the struggles from one level to another. *Your convocation would come up between 24th - 28th March.* Go get the certificated you've been struggling for and improve your life with it.

*General Info*
1. Facilitation (Lectures) at all study centres and online at LCMS portal begins on 25th February, and ends on 30th April. *You should also collect your Textbooks/Course materials at your study centre within same period.*

2. Admissions and all registrations ends on 11th March.


3. IT/SIWES defense would run between 4th May to 3rd June.

4. Pen on Paper (PoP [Hand written]) examinations (It's for OLDER students 300L to 800L)begins on 3rd June and Ends on 24th June *(Just 3 weeks - prepare for at least 2 exams daily)*

5. E-Examination exercise (Computer Based [It's for new students 100L to 200L]) begins on 1st July and Ends on 22nd July *(Just 3 weeks - prepare for at least 2 exams daily)*

*Schedule for Tutor Marked Assignment/Assessment (TMA)*
TMA 1: Would run between 9th - 30th March *(21 days)*
TMA 2: Would run between 30th March - 20th April *(21 days)*
TMA 3: Would run between 20th April - 30th April *(10 DAYS)* ⚠

The expected date for the release of results if it's accepted by the senate is 1Oth August, 2020.


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