How To Take GST TMA 2019

n a communique released to study centres, The management of National Open University of Nigeria discloses her new website for e-TMAS on GST courses.
Visit this link:
Check guides to navigate the site
NOTE: To login:
USER NAME (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters
PASSWORD (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters
“After a successful login, you will be prompted to change your password
A-enter your old password (i.e. your matric number)
B-enter your new password
C-confirm the new password
D-check to see that your email address, programme, study centre etc. have been entered correctly.If not, make the appropriate changes
E-click on save”
It was also stated that online facilitation will commence this semester on the following courses:
ALL GST COURSES, ARA181, ARA183, ARA281, ARA282,CRS313,CRS828,CRS316,CRS818,CRS215,CRS216,CRS819,CRS823,CIT445, CIT753,CIT499,CIT799,CIT899,BIO191,BIO192,CHM191, CHM192,PHY191,PHY192,CHM292,PHY291,ENG121,ENG122,ENG226,ENG14,ENG221,ENG222,ENG341,ENG421,ENG491,ENG414,ENG351,ENG355,ENG432,FRE111, FRE111, FRE231, FRE212,FRE391, FRE331.
These platform is also open to online FACILITATION for the following departments :
a) Criminology and Security Studies
b) Computer Science
c) Entreprenuership Studies
d) Mass Communication
e) Peace and Conflict Resolution
(These departments will be able to access summary POWER POINT slides their course materials in the online portal)
The school management further assured more courses will be added in due time.

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